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Member Testimonials

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Tarana from Sand In My Toes Blog
I joined Bookish.ae because I love reading books, and never could get my hands on enough of them! Also, the cost of books in the UAE is much higher compared to back home and I could never justify the spend. I love reading to my son as well, and now we'll have many new books to discover.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Yung-Tse in Deira
Thank you for providing such wonderful service to all Dubai bookworms. Yi-Heng loves the books very much and he always look forward to the new books every Tuesday and Thursday. I wish I knew bookish much earlier. This save us lots of money! More importantly, I always believe in diversity. But when it comes to choose books for kids, it is hard not to impose our preference during the decision making. Bookish provides me with books I've never pay attention before.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Elizabeth in Al Qusais
I signed up because me and my family love to read. That says it all, I guess. Also, a library gives us access to all genres of books and latest releases without having to spend money to buy them :) And the free home delivery twice a week is the icing on the cake. Keep up the great work.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Khudeja in Jumeirah Lakes Towers
I basically joined it because of the story reading sessions that you offer for kids. I was already looking for some interactive learning opportunities for my girl. She is almost two and doesn't go to school yet. I really liked your setup to help her develop social skills plus the knowledge you give from book reading. And the main, part renting the books. My daughter loved the first four books that she got. She has read them over and over already.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Yulia in Deira
We joined coz both my daughter and i are voracious book readers!! Was googling to find a decent library and came across bookish! Loving it so far and would definitely be referring to everyone i can.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Farah in Motor City
I have a 3 year old who loves to read and the good children books are way too expensive. Besides we need new books every few weeks so now it is even becoming a problem to store them.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Nafisa in The Gardens
I am so glad I stumbled upon your ad on Facebook. We are extremely pleased with the service and the selection of books. I have recommended you where ever possible and the kids are always very excited about getting new books every week.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Shilpi in Bur Dubai
For me the reason for signing up was -
1. The convenience of home delivery.
2. The added privilege of getting it twice a week (my daughter is a quick reader)

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Denise in Jumeirah Village Circle
I joined because my son who's 4 loves to be read to and really enjoys choosing his books twice a week! I also like to read when I have time.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Fadwa in Dubai Internet City
I am very happy to join Bookish. Actually I am encouraging my baby girl who Is one year old to be addicted to books and not to technology : I PAD Mobiles TV ….Etc. I am working otherwise I will be always in the library with her.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Aisha in Al Nadha
I joined up because I came across Bookish from a mum website and thought it a great idea. I have always loved reading and being from the UK have had local Library membership to borrow books. Buying books in Dubai is expensive specially as there are no discounted sites like Amazon available to us in Dubai or the UAE as far as I'm aware. I thought this is a great opportunity for me to read books which get delivered right to my door which I may be interested in buying further down the line as I love, love books!!! I even read the back of cereal boxes. So having a toddler doesnt give me much time for reading or going out buying books so thought this a great solution to help me read what I'm interested in while not having books just sitting there on my shelf for months on end not being read.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Nisha in Qusais
I selected Bookish.ae so my son can read more books without buying and storing at home.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Polina in Discovery Gardens
We are very pleased with Bookish so far. It is a great idea by itself to create such a library and the service is very nice. My daughter enjoys choosing books from the site and is always excited waiting for them on a delivery day. She has already used a poem from one book chosen for her science project at school.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Marica in Jebel Ali
My little boy LOVES reading. Bookish further grows this love & the support in this regard is so valuable.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Garima in Deira
i joined bookish.ae because i wanted to give my son the largest exposure to books which he can read..anytime n anywhere.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Salwa in Rashidiya
Really glad to enroll in bookish, its what excalty I m looking for. For sure will recommend to my family and friends.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Samvidha in Karama
I found your policies really good and friendly to readers

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Soham (Grade 2) in Jumeirah Lakes Towers
I like your service a lot. Geronimo Stilton are my favourite series. I have to read my books in four days I read two in one day and others in two days. I read your books in 3 days.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Maryna in Discovery Gardens
I LOVE books since childhood and i always try to read good books for my kids. Moving to Dubai made it harder. We want to read a lot but prices for books are so high here. Then my friend told me about bookish.ae and it was a blessing. I am in love with Bookish, i actually trying to pass info about it to all of my friends and even unknown people lol. For example yesterday in one of facebook groups woman was asking if someone is selling used toddler books in Dubai, i wrote private message to her with information about bookish. She was very grateful!

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Zainah in Dubai
I recently discovered your website, and I just love this initiative. This is a wonderful thing, a necessary one in the Gulf.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Rania in Sports City
We love the service.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Noha in Remraam
"Bookish.ae delivers the books :) as you know with all the responsibilities in life I need help.. I wanted to register again in the old library but I don't have time to go and it is far from my home. And I am a member in Dubai public library but it doesn't have good English books for the age of 8."

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Negin in Dubai Airport Free Zone
So happy with the service and loved the tea bags that was given that had messages on each tea bag.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Vinita in The Springs
A lending library is more affordable, space saving option if we don't want to keep every book we read. The reason I joined Bookish is because I love to read and I was a member of an online lending library previously but that got closed.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Aasiya in Garhoud
Bookish.ae is the first step towards inculcating a love for books for my LO. Since he is just 16 months old, I decided to make an early start. And your collection for babies is amazing! Keep up the good work!

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Sofia in Discovery Gardens
...In general thank you very much for the amazing story time, both me and Helen enjoyed it a lot and you are doing a great job.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Babida in Jebel Ali
It has been great so far.. beautiful books to be got from the comfort of my seat - what more could I ask for!!!

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Divya in Al Qusais
I joined because I need to get few books to read to my child and I am not in a position to go to a physical library every now and then.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Harshika in Dubai Marina
My son is an avid reader and tends to read more non fiction than fiction. He wanted to join a library but because of work schedules the runs back and forth was difficult! you guys helped bridge that gap!

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Ildiko in Jumeirah Lakes Towers
What made you decide to join Bookish.ae? good price
Would you recommend Bookish.ae to a friend? yes

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Ashwin in Silicon Oasis
Bookish.ae got me reading again. I love that you bring the latest books right to my office. Keep doing what you're doing!

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Munia in Al Twar
I've been an avid reader ever since kindergarten. Something about a good book just takes you to another world. I've been looking for a library for a while now but everything I found was really a long drive. When I saw that you had delivery I was ecstatic.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Briar in Green Community
You asked why I signed up - several reasons:
- no public library within the community where we live
- Very keen readers but no wish to accumulate more 'stuff'
- The idea of having a surprise turn up for kids during summer
- School library seems to limit number of books - my keen reader goes through them quickly
- Discounted price removed element of financial risk when trying it out
- Convenience of not having to drive long distances and then have difficulty finding something appropriate
- I like lists of books and am familiar with the concept through lovefilm/netflix dvd delivery.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Jennifer in Jebel Ali
Thank you very much for delivering the books on the said day and time. I am really impressed with the service. Hope to have a long and enjoyable interaction with Bookish.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Anuja in JBR
My daughters aged 8 & 5 are avid readers and I was looking out for a good library in Dubai ever since we moved here couple of months back. A quick Google search brought me to Bookish and we promptly signed up:) Now we look forward to many happy hours of reading.

Five Stars Bookish.ae
Sonia in JLT
There are number of reasons why I joined bookish. Firstly I was looking for library close by where I can take my daughter to support her interest in books and I think story telling sessions were a plus point.


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