NOTICE: The company closed on October 1st. We are no longer taking new members but you can buy our books until December 10th!

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We've Got Books to Sell! is closing on October 1st and we're selling more than 6,000 books! Many are used, some are new, but all are great.

Use the form below to buy books during our book sale. Only books listed as AVAILABLE will be sold. Do not add books that say RENTED to your order because we they are currently on loan to someone else.

You do NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER to buy books.

We will contact you by email after we receive the form to verify that the books you want are still available and give you a final total.

All books are AED 15 regardless of format or condition. Delivery charge is AED 20 on orders less than AED 150. Free delivery on orders AED 150 or over. Total must be paid as cash on delivery to the courier. No refunds or exchanges.

If you are an active member of Bookish, use your deposit as an AED 100 credit towards books. For only AED 45 after the credit, you will receive 10 books plus free delivery. Just pay the balance to the courier as cash on delivery.




Will I receive all the books I requested?

Probably not. Books are sold in the order they were ordered and if there are a lot orders in front of yours, the books you want may not be available when we get to your order.

Do you have a lot of orders?

Yes. We received 160 orders the first day we started selling the books and have received 20 orders a day thereafter.

Can I come to your location and select my books?

No because we no longer maintain a physical location.

Can I add to my order?

No because we are selling based on a queue system. If we let you add to your order, it's the same as jumping the queue.

Can you reserve rented books for me?

No because we are closing down and are processing lots of books. We will lose your books if we have to hold them for you. It is better to order at the beginning of October when most of the rented books will be back.

It's been 2 days. When are you going to delivery my order?

We will contact you by email with a final total and to know your order has been sent to the courier. Please be patient and wait for us to contact you because we have been overwhelmed with orders and constant inquiries slow down our ability to process orders.

Why did you cancel my order?

We only have 1 copy of each book and we sell according to the list of orders received. If the books you wanted were already sold by the time we got to your order, we will cancel your order because we don't have any of the books you want. If you order again, you will go to the back of the queue because expediting your order is the same as letting you jump the queue. You only have to pay when the courier delivers the books to you so you will not lose any money.