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Dubai needs more book clubs. The community interaction and intelligent discussion that can happen in small scale meetings are important building communities and encouraging the arts. But before this turns into a rant about the importance of book clubs (that’s another blog post), we’ll tell you how to start one. It more than just picking books to read every month!

Decide if your book club will be op...

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Looking to have intelligent conversation with fellow book enthusiasts? Skip the coffee mornings...join a book club!

We don’t recommend just any old book club. You want a book club that has interesting books, excellent conversation, and an accountable but chilled vibe. Book clubs are born and die every month in Dubai so you also want a book club that is likely to be around in 6 months.

If you’re look...

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If one of your New Year's resolutions is to read more, the best way to make sure you succeed (and stay commited past, well, Feburary) is plug yourself into an activity that "readers" do. You can join a book club in Dubai or visit the bookstore every week. But, if you're strapped for time or aren't into the group thing, you can participate in a personal reading challenge.

A reading challenge gives y...

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Featured in Time Out Dubai Kids December 2016 Issue!

Since we are a library, we almost never tell people where we buy our books. But, this particular book was so special we wanted to share it with you so you can get it for yourself.

It’s not often that Dubai gets it’s very own Christmas related children’s book...and one by a popular author no less!

Santa is Coming to Dubai is a new book released in t...

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I’m a parent who loves to read and I read regularly to my little one. When I first started trying to make reading with her a habit, I just read the story. We could plow through 3 or 4 books in 10 minutes and I felt like I had done “the reading thing” as a mom.

As my little one became older and started asking questions about the stories and books, I realized that reading isn’t just about reading; it...

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Summer and summer vacations are wonderful, but it’s hard not to be happy when the school year starts. After that initial week of uniform hunting and early mornings, you settle into a routine that means you have more time to do things that you enjoy, like reading.

If you’re a busy mom, reading may be way down on your to do list but just think about some of the benefits you get from reading regularly...

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Oct 4, 2016 2:46:00 PM By Eden reading in dubai, books dubai, Comments Reading in Dubai,

Every Sunday, we offer story times for babies and toddlers birth to 3 years.

Our enriching story times are filled with reading, crafts, playing, songs, and--most importantly--caregiver (parents, nannies, and maids) involvement.

This is the AFTERNOON session of the previous week's story time. It will be same story time theme as the previous Wednesday. The books may change but the songs will be famili...

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Did you know there’s a library in JLT Jumeirah Lakes Towers?

Most people don’t!

We at Bookish.ae consider ourselves the modern version of a library. Here’s how we’re different:

Is our library a big building? Nope, we have a small office in HDS Business Centre of Cluster M where we hold weekly story times and other events.

Are there lots of books all around? Nope, our office has about 2,000 books insid...

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We've been inspired by the great book nerd habits posts floating around the interweb, so we felt it was time Dubai had it's own. Here's our Bookish.ae list of 21 things hardcore book nerds in Dubai do. If you've got more add them in the comments!

1. Know how to get sand out of the spine of a book

2. Vow never to buy books from Kinokuniya again (because the books are too expensive) but break that vow...

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Spoiler Alert! The absolute easiest way to join a library in Dubai is to join Bookish.ae. There are no due dates, no late fees, and free delivery all over Dubai.

Imagine: You can join a library online, pay online or on delivery, and enjoy amazing books. You don't even have to leave your home to get the books!

In this video, our friend Professor Von Puppet is going to tell you the top 4 reasons (ther...

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