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Encourage little readers (and impress parents) by offering access to high quality board and picture books sourced from around the world that children can TAKE HOME.

The easiest and quickest way to install and run a nursery lending library is by allowing to do it for you!

✔ Reduce your library costs to zero or even RAISE MONEY
✔ Wow parents and gain new customers with this unique program
✔ Show your commitment to child pre-literacy

✔ Get started in only 1 week

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How It Works

You rent books from on a monthly basis.

We install the library bookshelf and create a special area in your nursery.

You give the books to happy parents and children every week.

We help you track everything on paper and using our website.



One of the Easiest and Most Helpful Programs Your Nursery Can Offer


This program will cost your nursery zero or even RAISE MONEY for other nursery activities

Books in the UAE can be expensive, so supplying books for your nursery and all of your students can eat into your nursery budget. Meet with us and we'll show you how to do this program at no cost to your nursery. Depending on the terms you set for your library program, you can even RAISE MONEY with a lending library that can be towards other nursery activities. One of our partner nurseries is doing just that. We'll explain how!

Parents and new customers will be happy you are giving their children access to books

Even if you have an area set aside for reading within your nursery, you can encourage little readers (and impress parents) by offering a lending library. If students are able to take their books home, they can read with parents and siblings or just enjoy the look and feel of books on their own.

This program integrates easily with your existing pre-reading activities

Choose new books on our website based on your learning themes for the month. Set up a separate lending library area to make “visiting the lending library” a special experience. Enroll in our "1,000 Books Before Kindergarten" or monthly story time program to make reading even more fun. The possibilities for your lending library are endless.

You can start this program for next week or next term

We can get your lending library installed and stocked within 1 week, just in time for next term. No more expensive book buying or long searches for the best children's books. Your management staff will not have the headaches of constantly keeping up with book trends and ordering new children’s books. We read and review every book we add to our children’s collection. Many of these books are not even sold in the UAE.


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