Check out these great book reviews by our Dubai Summer Reading Challengers! Pick up a book they recommend because these guys know books.


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by Jack Throne

Review by Anya Jain, age 10

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a wonderful book about Harry Potter when he grows up and has kids. His child, Albus and his friends, Scorpius and Delphi use the time turner to go back in time to save Cedric, who was a spare and was killed. Will they be able to save Cedric without changing the present world? This thrilling story will tell us how. I loved this the way this story has been written. It is a play, and it is very beautifully detailed so everything is easily imaginable.


Five Go to Smuggler's Top by Enid Blyton

Review by Anya Jain, age 10

Five go to Smuggler's Top is the fourth book in the Famous Five series. It is about the cousin's holidays, when they go to George's house. But as it was windy a tree fell upon the house and so, the five go to live on Smuggler's Top where a friend of theirs lives. Smuggler's Top is a mysterious place. Will the Famous Five find a mystery and be able to solve it?


The Mystery of the Spiteful Letters by Enid Blyton

Review by Anya Jain, age 10

The Mystery of the Spiteful Letters is a good book by Enid Blyton. Someone is sending horrible letters in Peterswood and the Find-Outers want to solve the mystery of who is doing this horrible act. Can they solve it before Mr.Goon the policeman does? Follow their adventure to find out.


Five Go Off in a Caravan by Enid Blyton

Review by Anya Jain, age 10

One day when the Famous Five's holidays were going on, they were in the yard wondering what they would do. After some time, they see a circus pass by. There they see a boy of their age and they decide to follow the circus by a caravan. The boy's uncle, Dan, and his friend, Lou, are very nasty and the Famous five sense a mystery coming up. Will they be able to solve it? This is a thrilling story which I loved.


Horrid Henry's Hilariously Horrid Joke book by Francesca Simon

Review by Samyukta Rao, age 11

This book is filled with hilarious jokes for every day of the year. It has many jokes which will make you laugh a lot as you read them. I really liked the jokes that were in it as it made me happy and it made me laugh very very much. I enjoy reading this book over and over again... I rate this book 4.5/5


The Story of Money by Martin Jenkins and Satoshi Kitamura

Review by Samyukta Rao, age 11

This fantastic book tells us about the history of money from its murky beginnings to todays world of ATM's and electronic transfers and bank bail outs by way of goat swapping Roman influence and the true cost of gold.


The Secret Garden by Frances Hodsgson Burnetti

Review by Sanjana Santosh, age 10

This book is about a spoiled child named Mary, who's parents die from cholera and she is then sent to live with her uncle in Misselthwaite manor. At first, she doesn't mind this, but soon discovers that it is a dreary old place with an unknown past. Curious, she decides to explore and finds the key to an old garden that no one has gone into for the last ten years. She names this ''The secret garden'' and seeks help from a common boy on the moor named Dickon to bring the garden ''back to life''. One night, she hears a boy crying and finds Colin, her Uncle's son, who is presumed to be dying and cannot stand. She convinces him that he will not die and tells him about the secret garden. Colin is excited by this and agrees to help her keep the garden a secret. All three children go to the garden everyday and take care of it. Dickon then finds out that one of the gardeners, Ben Weatherstaff , has been sneaking into the garden before Mary found the key. Ben gets angry at Mary and mocks Colin for being ''a helpless handicap''. Colin then flies into a rage and stands on his own two feet, suprising everyone. Seeing the children's dedication to the garden, he reveals that the garden belongs to Mrs.Craven , Colin's dead mother. Mary decides that they should work on getting Colin healthy and making the garden better as a suprise for Mr.Craven. Meanwhile , Mr.Craven goes to a far-away city for a trading mission. tired, he goes to sleep and in his dream, he hears a voice telling him to ''go to the garden''. He assumes this must be the locked garden and goes home, only to find Colin perfectly healthy and the garden more beautiful than ever. Colin tells his father about everything that had happened since Mary had come and everyone shows him around the garden. Mr.Craven then holds Colin's hand and they both walk home. What I like about this book; It's heartwarming and the reader gets to know all the characters. What I dislike about the book; the plot moves too slow, for example; Mary doesn't meet Colin, one of the main characters untill chapter 13. Overall rating ; eight out of ten.


The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond

Review by Ishanvi Nair, age 8

This is a children's fiction book by the famous child author,set in the beautiful Garhwal mountains. The story tells of a little girl,Binya,who falls in love with a beautiful, frilly, blue umbrella, and gets it by exchanging her 'lucky' necklace.The new umbrella soon becomes the most wanted and beautiful object in the village, and makes her a favourite with the children.The shopkeeper, Ram Bharosa,covets it,and tries to steal it; this makes him lose the trust of the villagers and they stop visiting his shop. Binya, out of her largeness of heart, gives him the umbrella, resulting in a happy ending for all.


Little Miss Scatterbrain by Roger Hargreaves

Review by Rudhra Reghu, age 7

This book is about little miss scatterbrain who is just a bit forgetful because she's like Mr.Forgetful. The best part of the book is when she goes to the bank to get 2 pounds of sausage not 2 pounds of money. Its a really funny book. I give this book 4 stars.


Nate the Great by Majorie Weinman Sharmat

Review by Rudhra Reghu, age 7

This book is about Nate a detective who has to find Annie's picture of Fang(a dog).Who took the picture? Rosamond, Harry or Fang? The best part of the book is harry says "me paint" "me paint you" and put paint all over nate. It fun to read. I give this book 5 stars


Danny the Champion of the World: Plays for Children by David Wood

Review by Rudhra Reghu, age 7

I like this book because Danny has a sparky Dad. The best part of the book is Danny to the rescue when he rescues Dad. This book will give instructions to do a play too. I give this book 4 stars.


I Don't Want to Go to Hospital! by Tony Ross

Review by Rudhra Reghu, age 7

The little princess does not want to go to the hospital and does everything she can to avoid it, but when she is finally forced to go she finds that she really really likes it because they treat her like a princess. The best part of the book is when everyone searches for the princess.its a funny book. I give this book 3 stars.


The Funniest Knock Knock Jokes Ever by Portable Press

Review by Kiana Gibb, age 8

This joke book has over 358 knock knock jokes in it. My favorite joke is Knock Knock! Who's there? Cowsgo. Cowsgo who? No they don't. Cowsgo moo!


Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish by Michael Foreman

Review by Hugo Romano, age 5

The man was looking at the stars, he wanted to reach it, so he built a rocket but he couldn't find anything. In the same time, dinosaurs came out and burned all the rubbish. The man landed in the jungle and found a paradise, he wanted a part of it but the dinosaurs didn't want to share it