Check out these great book reviews by our Dubai Summer Reading Challengers! Pick up a book they recommend because these guys know books.


My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George

Review by Zuriel Rock, age 9

Sam wants to live away from city life. He decides to go and stay in his grandfather farm.He stays their and learns to survive in wilderness.His family comes back and starts to stay with him.I like Sam's adventure.


Heidi by Johanna Spyri

Review by Zuriel Rock, age 9

This story is about Heidi who is orphan.She is initially staying with her aunt but later goes to stay with her grandfather who at first is grumpy. Later they both become good friends.She is friend to Clara who is on wheelchair.I liked the friendship of Heidi and Clara,how Clara starts to walk on her own without the wheelchair and Swizz alps.


Awesome Animal Jokes for Kids! by Bob Phillips

Review by Zuriel Rock, age 9

This book has awesome collection of jokes about wild animals .A must read if you are animal lover.I could share many jokes with my friends after reading this book .


Gooney the Fabulous by Lois Lowry

Review by Zuriel Rock, age 9

Gooney bird shares her idea to class about creating own fables . All class is excited except Nicholas. I liked the way Gooney bird makes her idea exciting even to Nicholas who isn't excited about creating fable.


Space by Mary Pope Osborne and Will Osborne

Review by Zuriel Rock, age 9

Jack and Annie has lots of questions about space .This book gives lots of facts about various planet.As Jack and Annie goes on adventure I got the answers to their questions.


Where the Sidewalk Ends: Poems and Drawings by Shel Silverstein

Review by Zuriel Rock, age 9

This book is collection of various poem.It has funny short poems on childhood.I like the poets imagination.


Horrid Henry's Joke Book by Francesca Simon

Review by Akshita Amit, age 6

Horrid Henry's Joke Book by Francesca Simon is such a funny book. It has so many different types of jokes according to me- the hehehe jokes, the HAHAHAHAHA jokes, the hahahaha jokes, the eeks jokes, the Eewwwwww jokes and so many more. Horrid Henry of course uses different names like Mummy's curse jokes, Underpants jokes, stinkbombs, Jokes not to tell Aunt Ruby, Beefy Bert's Beastly jokes, etc. I loved mummy's curse jokes and Miss Battle axe jokes the best. And Harry is right Perfect Peter's jokes are silly. Miss Battle-Axe: Henry! you missed school yesterday. Henry: Not very much. What do you call a ghostly teddy bear? Winnie the OOOOOHHHHHHH. HAHHAHAHAHA! Read this book you will love it if you like to laugh a lot.



Review by Anya Jain, age 10

Mahabharata is a great Indian epic. It is about the Pandavas, 5 great, strong and brave brothers, who had 100 cousin brothers and 1 cousin sister. The book tells about the adventures of the Pandavas and their bravery. The real Mahabharata consists of a large number of pages, but this one consists of only the main events of their life. This book is written specially for children. The book was good, but the illustrations were harsh and the names were too complicated.


Ratburger by David Walliams

Review by Nicholas Alexander Mathews, age 8

This is a book about a girl called Zoe. She had 2 hamsters and she called both Gingernut. Both died. One day, she found a baby rat. She called it Armitage. She tough him tricks. At the end, her school had a talent show. Her rat had a small motorbike and jumped on ramps.


Cinderella by Charles Perrault

Review by Ann Joseph, age 7

At the beginning of the story, a girl named Ella is being brought up by her stepmother and two stepsisters. The stepmother always made Ella do all the work and she used to get covered in cinders. That is why they renamed her Cinderella. When a ball is held at the prince's castle, Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters did not let her come along. The rest of the story is about how Cinderella's fairy godmother makes her attend the ball and marry the prince.


Unexplained Ghosts And Spirits by Rupert Mathews

Review by Kiana Gibb, age 8

This book is about ghosts and spirits of dead people. I find this book scary, because people who describe ghosts and spirits in this book believe that they are real. They even tell real stories. The scariest story was about Lucy. R in Melbourne Australia in a very old prison. Lucy committed suicide because she did not want to be in jail. Every year ghost hunters stay in the prison to celebrate her death and they swear they hear crying sounds from cell 16.


Peppa Pig: Class Trip

Review by Naisha Tolani, age 5

It was about Peppa going on a class trip with her friends. They took a bus to go to the mountains and when they stood up on the mountains and heard their echoes. Afterwards they all had a picnic lunch with the ducks and went home.


Mr Potato Head Upside Down Joke World by Steve Charney and Steve Harpster

Review by Naisha Tolani, age 5

This joke book has lots of funny jokes which made me and my mummy laugh a lot. All the jokes and funny poems are about food! I really liked this joke about candy jellybeans. What is the hardest bean for a farmer to grow? Jelly beans!


Doll People by Ann M. Martin

Review by Samiksha Vithlani, age 8

the book was great it was about a doll who could talk and it is very scary story


The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Anderson

Review by Samiksha Vithlani, age 8

the book was about a girl who was selling matches in winter there was a snow fall


Thea Stilton and the Blue Scarab Hunt by Elisabetta Dami

Review by Avantika Rajesh, age 7

Thea Stilton is one of my favourite books as I simply love reading about their adventures. In this particular book, the Thea sisters along with their history professor Bartholomew Sparkle went to Egypt to participate in the excavation to find the legendary treasure of the Sun. Many archaeologists had tried to find the treasure but had failed. But with the discovery of the blue lapis lazuli scarab by Professor Mouserson it was believed that the treasure could be found as the hieroglyphs on the blue scarab seemed to contain clues about the location of the pharaoh's temple and the secret room with the treasure. Thea sisters were really excited to be a part of this amazing expedition and couldn't wait to discover the ancient hidden treasure. To their utter dismay the Thea sisters realized that there were thieves like Professor Dunya who were also interested in these ancient treasures in order to sell the same and become rich. Do you want to know if the Thea sisters managed to discover the treasure of the Sun and save it from the thieves or did the thieves escape with the treasure? Don't wait, get the book and read it. I am sure you will not be able to stop till you finish. I give this book a five star rating.


Ramayana by Subhadra Sen Gupta

Review by Avantika Rajesh, age 7

Ramayana tell us the story of the life and times of Prince Ram and his 3 brothers who were born to King Dashrath of Ayodhya. This is a very famous ancient Indian epic. I really enjoyed reading this book and reading about the adventures of Prince Ram. in this book there are beautiful illustrations by Tapas Guha. The most interesting part of the story is how Ram with his army of monkey warriors fights with the powerful King Ravan of Lank and frees his wife Sita. I also enjoyed reading about the friendship between Ram and the monkey prince Hanuman. It is a story where good defeats evil in the end. I recommend this book to everyone as am sure it will be fun to read about all the instances of adventures, friendships, bravery and courage mentioned in this wonderful story. I give this book a four star rating.