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We Love BooksDubaiKids

Here are some things you should know about us. is BY book lovers FOR book lovers

We love to read (duh!) and we want to share reading with everyone. We curate our own book catalog and think about what book lovers of all types want to read, not just what's on the best seller list. Our goals are to have the largest book catalog (all online of course), fastest delivery, and best customer service in the UAE. We won't stop until we get there. is made in Dubai is made in Dubai by expats who have lived here for nearly a decade. We want to highlight the diversity of Dubai's population by including English language translations of authors from many countries. We have a growing Indian authors category and will make a concerted effort to add books from Filipino, Pakistani, Chinese, French, and other authors. believes in early literacy

Our love of books started early, before we could read in fact. We want books to have the same effect on your children. We believe so strongly in early literacy that we have brought a comprehensive early literacy program -- The Very Ready Reading Program -- from the United States and offer it FREE to members. This program not only gets your children interested in reading but also teaches YOU how to help them at home. Our program is unique in Dubai. We also offer other member programs, including story times and arts & crafts activities, as well as a special children's membership to engage your little book lovers.